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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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facebook announces major changes including a bold jump in the e-mail game. >> reporter: why is one boat in the wharf loading up with bait? and the votes are in. did buster posey win rookie of the year? the votes are in.
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good afternoon. top org news this noontime, a short time ago, there was a big announcement from facebook that popular social working -- topping our news this noontime, a short time ago there was an announcement from facebook about e-mail. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: a press conference just wrapped up an hour ago. whether you e-mail, text, your response can be immediate no matter how your friend contacted you. we're live in san francisco. this is an interesting development. facebook refuses to call their latest product an e-mail killer. instead they are referring to it as the next evolution of facebook messages. now facebook says no one has to tell their friend brb, they can continue their string of
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conversations and those conversations in realtime can be cut indefinitely. the -- caught indefinitely. the founder of facebook -- >> if people want to have conversations on the facebook, great. they shouldn't have to use or wherever that conversation is going on, we won't be able to connect -- we want people to be able to connect. >> reporter: we spoke to a text expert saying it is facebook's way to try to win customers. google has been trying to provide extra capability for users but on streets of san francisco, there seems to be some issues raised regarding a social networking site. >> i don't fully trust
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facebook. i've actually -- i've never been really that trustful of all of the social networking applications. >> i don't use facebook. i -- i'm using yahoo!. i don't know how i feel about the competition between facebook and google. i favor gobble. >> reporter: everyone can sign up for their own facebook address. this is modeled more after a facebook message conversation. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez. the man accused of threatening to blow up the bay bridge last night pleaded not guilty to more than half a dozen felony charges against
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him. craig carlos valentino was arraigned in san francisco court. he's charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment and with making a false bomb threat. the judge ordered him to stay away fromis family. >> the order in this case was from not only his residence but also members from his family. he's charged with child endangerment, making false threats and kidnapping. >> investigators say carlos valentino was distraught over marital problems. in breaking news in the east bay, we just heard about police activity following reports of gunfire. a witness called ktvu about shots fired not far from the alameda county courthouse in hayward on amador street. that witness said it sounded like the gunfire occurred in a parking structure near the
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courthouse. police have confirmed they are checking on reports of gunfire. you'reyou're looking at pictures from the scene from newschopper2. you can see police activity is actually fairly close to the railroad tracks. but not far from the courthouse in hayward, and this is all unfolding right now. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. tiburon police are still searching for a suspected car thief who ran away from the scene of a police chase and accident early this morning. their door-to-door search began where a thief crashed for a second time at 2:00 a.m. on tiburon boulevard. officers set up a perimeter and went from yard to yard looking for them. they said the thief managed to get away and officers are notifying residents to be on alert. they said at first he took on a traffic light at tiburon and police drove toward town where he crashed again. >> the driver reversed his course there, came out tiburon
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boulevard and here between tiburon boulevard and lost control of the crash. the suspect fled over the fence into a yard. >> they believe he could be connected to two other recent car thefts and a carjacking. officers hope to have a suspect drawing available later today. a preliminary hear something scheduled to begin today for seven suspects in the richmond gang rape case. the hearing will determine if there's enough evidence to put them on trial for last year's rape of a 16-year-old girl. investigators say say several onlookers did nothing as they watched the girl being attacked. the seven defendants face several felony charges, including forcible rape and robbery. the preliminary hearing is expected to last several days. a san francisco cable car conductor is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after being stabbed multiple times. it happened yesterday afternoon at mason and jackson streets in
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chinatown. police quickly arrested a suspect after the attack. 32-year-old george wong, who officers located at a nearby home. three other people at the home were also arrested for resisting and delaying charges. the cable car was not in service at the time and no passengers were on board. investigators have not determined a motive but say the suspect did not know the conductor. sonoma county authorities are investigating a tragic accident. a man shot and killed apparently hunting with his son and friends. the incident happened yesterday afternoon near highway 37 and highway 121. deputies arrived to find 44- year-old daniel downs of napa fatally shot. according to the sheriff's office, downs had been pheasant hunting with his son and two of his friends. investigators say they don't
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know who shot downs but they say it was an accident. the start of the crab season is on hold. it was supposed to start yesterday but there's problem with the crabs and that is causing problems with the crabbers. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: down here at pier 45, there are crab pots and fishermen. but no fishing. these fishermen are waiting for the results of the tests being done -- to be done. i talked to one person, and they said, how the fear factor caused $1 million, did $2 million. the recreational crab season opened early this month. this is seen as a harbinger of crab in the commercial season. good recreational crab season.
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by all accounts, the dungeoness crab was waiting. a couple of reports sent shock waves through the industry. >> we found crabs that are reasonably hard and then take them home and cook them without a lot of meat in them. >> reporter: they say buyers got skittish. so in order to protect themselves, they said the buyers asked for and asked the crab to be weighed and the dae lie cost -- delay cost millions. >> bait money, crabs are $1.75, and -- fishermen, this is our livelihood. >> reporter: crab fishermen say most rejens outside the coast test crab before the season starts to avoid last-minute false starts. crabbers along the wharf this morning are so confident that the test will give them the go-
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ahead -- >> it's typical, typical crab season. >> reporter: fishermen also want to make sure they get paid for their work. if they don't get the go-ahead, they will mate until the crabs are mature to get the $1.75 a pound from buyers. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. buster posey's dream season just got better. within the past hour, the giants' catcher was named the national league rookie of the year. he received first-place votes on 20 of the of the ballots. jason heyward from the braves came in second. the giants' player was behind the plate as the giants won the
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award. coming up, details on the just-announced engine over haul for one major airline. it almost feels like summer in november. can it last? meteorologist steve paulson has your weather forecast. >> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live in san francisco, where thousands of jellyfish like this one has washed ashore mysteriously. we'll tell you why scientists believe they are here -- coming up.
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a british couple released by somali pirates after being in captivity for a year, were sailing a 35-foot yacht off the coast of east africa when they were captured. it's believed that somali pirates may be holding as many as 500 people hostage. rolls royce announced major repairs to qantas jets. experts say leaking oil caused a fire inside an a-380 engine as it flew over indonesia
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november 4th. the australian airplane has kept all a-380s grounded since then and discovered more suspicious leaks in three other engines. theythey will replace the engines and repair the leaks. a qantas jebound for argentina returned to sydney because of smoke in the cockpit. qantas officials say it was an electrical problem. a southern california man is making headlines for refusing to go through a security check at the airport. john tyner was supposed to fly out of lindburg field from saturday on -- from san diego on saturday. he says he feels like too much privacy is given away just to
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board an airplane. >> i turned to him and looked him in the eye and i said, "if you touch my junk, i'll have you arrested." a tsa supervisor warned him, he would have to leave the airport. they refunded his ticket and he's planning a lawsuit. a fire broke out in shanghai, killing at least 42 people. the building was under renovation. the fire spread to the scaffolding around the building and then engulfed the apartments themselves. the building houses a number of retired teachers. helicopters rescued some from the roof. it took firefighters four hours to put out the fire. it looked like a scene out of a science fiction movie. thousands of jellyfish washed onshore of the san francisco coastline. it was a typical saturday
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night sunset. >> i don't know whether to be concerned or not. >> but ocean beach looked anything but normal. >> to me, it was like a mystery. you know why are they seer? >> more than 10,000 jellyfish washed ashore friday night concentrated between the san francisco zoo and lincoln why. >> if there's something in the water, is it the warm water? >> it almost looked like puddles, like there there was a bunch of puddles. >> did you step on one? >> i'm sure i did. >> most of the creatures have been swept away by the tide. >> scientists say a similar phenomenon happened six years ago when thousands of small jellyfish moved ashore. as you can see, the moon jellyfish is about the size of a dinner plate. ocean beach had a heavy swell right before the invasion and that's what scientists believe
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is mostly responsible for the phenomenon. >> both critters went back to where they came from, leaving little trace of their rare journey. in san francisco, tara mori artie, ktvu channel 2 news. a brisk wind was blowing along the corridor. here's what it looked like. gusts are reaching 35 to 30 miles an hour. as you can see the tree is swaying and the canvas is flapping. let's check in with steve about this really warm winner. in the summertime, much of the coast, what 70-degree weather? the last couple of days, not only 70 but 80. we had some record highs yesterday and i think we'll get
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some today too. by this weekend we'll see highs mainly in the upper 40s and low 50s by sunday and a week from today. today it's all sunshine you can see how the ridge of high pressure builds in, into the north and south and that's an offshore wind. breezy and warm today, san francisco, 82. average high this time of year, 64. that 84 would be a record. oakland only going 78. their record, 85, 2008. santa rosa, 80. 83, 2005. mountain view, 80. 81 is a record. you will be know -- you will be close. 832008 -- 83 2008.
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we'll cool down by saturday. 77 san francisco. 82, napa. 74 oakland berkeley. 50s up in the mountains. 70s up and down the coast or inland. temperatures are very close. you can see why. big, strong area of high pressure but a strong low will start to come out of the gulf of alaska. so breezy and warm today. but that east-northeast wind will start to ease off tonight. we'll see a strong cold low drop in here and snow levels by sunday and monday could get down around 2,000, 2500 feet. i'm getting ahead of myself. today, it's sunny. 80 livermore. same for san jose, mountain view, upper 70s for many. just beautiful at the coast. we start the cooldown on
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wednesday. the big rain will be saturday into sunday. >> okay. >> that will be very cold. >> so we should enjoy the sunshine while we can. >> one of hollywood's recent block busters just had a big name added to the sequel. coming up why the next "hangover" will have a presidential look to it.
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new data suggests san francisco rental costs are headed higher. the research firm says rents are reaching levels not sin seen since 2008. the average a rental rate is now $2,280. that's about $120 less a month than people paid two years ago. experts say rental prices are up because of the foreclosure crisis and an unpredictable job market. it's out with the old, in with the new as 100 newly- elected members of congress arrived on capitol hill this morning. the current members gathered for a lame-duck session. many of those who will be replaced in january have already moved out of their offices and are operating from cubicals in the basement in the capitol. most of the new members are republicans and they say they
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will try to keep their pledge to keep spending. >> i don't care if we have to burn the midnight oil on both ends of the candle. we need to cut this growth and cut this spending. >> the new members are attending seminars on how congress operating -- operates. there was a dramatic morning while wearing in charles rangel. he was denied a delay. he walked out of the room. rangel had asked for the delay to get a new lawyer. his previous -- he said he would not attend any other meetings without counsel. bill clinton is joining the
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show "hangover." "people" magazine reports he filmed his part over the weekend in thailand while talking about clean energy. a beloved berkeley toy store will remain open through the holidays, through the relief of generations -- to the relief of generations. now owners have been found and have a long history with the store. they say it will close briefly for a couple of weeks in january for some needed renovation. coming up at 5:00, watching and waiting. that's what bay area crab fishermen are doing all day long. we're in santa rosa where the tests on crabs are happening to determine if and when the season will be a go. that's the -- that story coming
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up at 5:00, our next necast. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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